Fall 2017 

Site Interactive Quiz Final
Annslee What Dog Breed Fits You? Shelter Dogs
Mikala How Compatible Are You With Bigfoot? Bechdel’s Hollywood
Allison Astrological Quiz Animal Intake
Felipe How To Know If You Will Be Successful Greenhouse Gases
Jen Selena Quiz Four Sociological Metrics
Nick Which Rihanna Album Are You? LGBTQ+ Representation in the Media
Tobin Can You Afford To Go Out Tonight? Red, White and Bullets
Lisette Do You Know Friends? America’s Team
Danielle Solar System Weight Calculator Welcome to the RX-Nation
Vianey What Percent Milk Are You? Warped Tour
Madeleine What is Your Beauty Destiny? Driving While Intoxicated
Joey Which Real Housewife Are You? Cancer Statistics
Jennifer Rick & Morty Climate Change in the US
Emily Wbat ’90s Children’s Show Are You? Hill Country Custody Death
Holly Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Women in the Military
Zoe Can I Guess Your Dream House? The Opioid Epidemic


Spring 2017

Site Interactive Quiz Final
Steffanie What Is Your Soul Taco? Texas Moving Image Incentive Program
Jordan Find Your Next Marathon Austin Marathon
Charles What Dragon Ball Z Character Are You? KTSW
Annabel What Your Coffee Says About You Big Ten Football
Anna What Joe Biden Meme Are You? San Antonio Election
Bailey Netflix: Addiction or Hobby Year of the Cowboys
Jeanette How Texan Are You? Fried Frenzy
Ashley San Marcos Coffee Shops Texas Landfills
Dylan Can You Name the Planets? Bechdel Test
Ila Where Should You Go This Summer? TXST Around the World
Rachel What Starbucks Frappuccino Are You? Baby Names
Dy Which Season Are You? San Marcos Watershed
Breanna What Dog Breed Are You? Diversity in the US
Erika What Music Festival Should You Go To? Day For Night Festival

Fall 2016

Site Interactive Quiz Final
Colton Which Alaska Song Are You? Alcohol Sales San Marcos
Chastity How Obsessed With Dogs Are You? Trump and Twitter
Sophia The Shuttle Survey Guide to the Holidays
Mary Which Beyonce Album Are You Most Like? Apartments
Angelica Monthly Bills The University Star
Taylor Wedding 101 Non-Traditional Student Organizations
Simone Which Sailor Scout Are You? What’s in a Name
Mikaela Bobcat Burning Man
Danielle Election Trivia X-Games
Amanda Do You Even Vote, Bro? Austin’s Repeat Offender Program
Taylor How Well Do You Know Mindy Lahiri? SeneGence Makeup
Abril Streaming Trivia U.S. Food Imports
Karina Which Witch Water and Food
Melanie Secret Powers Trend Watchers
Brianna Minimalism Quiz Food Insecurity

You can also view the projects completed in the Summer Code Camp.

Spring 2016 Student Work

Fall 2015 Student Work

Spring 2015 Final Projects

Jordon – AirBnB During SXSW

Chris – SXSW: Genres, Bands and Venues

Cody – Austin Music Resources

Stephania – Austin Venues Over Time

Becky – Loud Austin

Morgan – Beyond the Music: SXSW and Austin Crime

Dominique  – EMS During SXSW

Kathryn – Bar Genres

Nic – Austin: Music Capital


Fall Final Projects

The Many Sounds of Texas – Zahra and Thomas

The Economics of Live Music in Austin – Beth and Jordan

The Battle For Red River – Jesse and Virginia

SXSW: For Better or Worse – Justen and Harrison